Beaded Seam Vinyl Siding

Beaded seam vinyl siding is not what you might originally envision if you're thinking about beads. In this case, it's more like a welder's bead that you would see along the edge of their work. It's a rounded thin edge of material that really completes the entire look and gives it a unique touch beyond just that of a flat surface. However, this is able to be customized just like you would any other type of vinyl siding or smooth vinyl siding type. If you want to see what some of your options are, then you have a couple different avenues.

One of those is to go to your local distributor and ask to see their samples. This will give you a chance to put your hands on the various materials and see what they look like up close and personal. Another is to go online and see the examples used in various pictures. It's nice to do this on the web because you don't have to leave your home or office, but everyone has their own preference with a project like this.

Color Variations and Price Estimates

After you have begun this research, you'll notice that you can have more or less beaded seams from the top to the bottom of your structure, depending on the design you choose. Of course, the color variations are quite numerous and this is something that you can nail down to even a custom tint if that is what you wish. All of these will have their price ranges to consider, so you need to be aware of the differences.

If you are particularly interested in a beaded seam variety only, then your agent or representative can get you some price quotes on the different types of styles that include this feature. That will help you determine how much vinyl siding you can afford at what rate, and if you need to possibly revise that budget if at all possible. It might be a goal that you need to save up a bit more first to get what you really want.

Installing Beaded Seam Vinyl Properly

Talk to your representative as well about the proper installation procedures for this beaded seem type of vinyl siding. You certainly don't want to ruin the look of the vinyl siding by securing it to the wall in the wrong place and you don't want to create the potential for leaks either. Find out how they need to be spaced so the drainage holes work properly and what kind of securing method you need to use. This could be a longer or shorter length of nail or screw depending on how thick the individual vinyl siding sheets are.

Once you have had this conversation and worked out an entire list of necessary materials, then you can take that with you to your local home improvement store. Most of these items should be readily available right off the shelf without any unnecessary shopping time around town.

The clients who used beaded seam vinyl siding are after a more unique look than someone who chooses a basic style. For this reason, the agents are going to work closely with you to determine what you prefer, what you can afford and how those two factors work together. When you are investing in a product like this that is meant to last for so long, you should make sure you are honestly happy with your choices. If not, then you're really not making the most of this purchase and you're missing out on many of the innate benefits it can give you.

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