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Illinois vinyl siding dealers in Chicago, Rockford, Aurora, Naperville, and Peoria IL work with homeowners and remodelers to provide them with the materials they need to complete their installation projects. Local and national manufacturers alike are represented in the state. Quality materials are the foundation of every successful install. No matter how good an installer might be, he is limited by the product the client selects. Certain styles are superior to others, and of course this superiority is usually reflected in the price per square.

That price per square drives many purchase decisions regardless of the quality of the product. Some buyers only see the bottom line and do not look forward to the long term performance of the material. Entry level Illinois vinyl siding products are manufactured better than they ever have been in years past, but they still have the same performance and display problems that have always led some to select higher end products. The differences among these products are sometimes subtle, sometimes pronounced. A smart shopper is someone that gets all the facts before deciding which products to choose for her Illinois home.

Pricing of Vinyl Siding

Typically, within product categories most Illinois siding manufacturers are very close together in their prices. The cost of installing Illinois vinyl siding on a home is strongly related to the cost of materials. There are differences in labor prices based on the product, of course. But different styles of vinyl siding can be incredibly far apart in price from the high to the low end. There are some simulated shake styles, for example, that cost several times more money to purchase than basic twelve foot economy double four inch panels.

It is hard, then, to come up with ballpark vinyl siding prices for the cost of materials on a job without first choosing which Illinois vinyl siding style to have installed. Fortunately most Illinois companies are very helpful in this matter. Consumers can get quotes based on "good, better, best" scenarios and decide for themselves what they can afford. Anyone who is interested in getting that process going with an Illinois vinyl siding installer can use the form at the top of this page to request free quotes from local companies. The more prices we gather for these jobs, taking into account the differences in cost among products, the easier time we will tend to have deciding what product line to go with.

Installation Considerations

And of course these same considerations have to be weighed with respect to installation. Most installers charge for labor by the square, but that labor charge can vary based on the specific material being used. Some panels are so thick, for example that they must be cut on a saw table. This takes time and makes installation much slower. For this reason Illinois installers usually get more per square on labor intensive premium vinyl siding panels.

Illinois vinyl siding comes in an array of styles and colors. The difficulty of installation in general terms is roughly equivalent to the price of the product. In other words, the more expensive types of Illinois vinyl siding are harder to install, and they take more skill to do well as a result. This should be kept in mind as Illinois homeowners choose their installers. Make sure you're not just picking the cheapest price, but also making sure the person or company who will do the job has the skill set to handle it.

Differences among Vinyl Products

As we alluded to earlier, there are many differences in the basic composition and design of different vinyl siding products. Some are quite flimsy and are actually designed to move around quite a bit in the different weather we see through the Illinois seasons. And other products are much stiffer with less flex because thicker products are more resistant to expansion and contraction as a rule.

Other differences are much more obvious because they are visual in their nature. For example, beaded siding looks different than standard double four panels because it has a wider profile and the beads adding a dimension of depth to the panel. Illinois vinyl siding shoppers are encouraged to explore all possibilities and look at the many different styles there are available. Even if a product is too expensive to install on an entire house, it might look great in certain limited areas.

Vinyl is a wonderful material for many reasons. It is fairly light and easy to install. It takes a beating and quality panels are hard to crack or mar. It lasts a long time and is extremely durable. And it is simple to clean up with a pressure washer or even just a garden hose. Illinois vinyl siding is an excellent choice for new building and exterior home remodeling projects.

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Vinyl Siding Testimonial

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