Can I Lower Cost Without Lowering Quality?

Whenever anyone is going to try to do a vinyl siding installation, they have three goals. They want the work to go as quickly as possible, they want to obtain the highest quality materials, and they want to have the job done at the lowest possible cost. However, you have to make sure that by going with a lower cost, you aren't going to end up having to use a lower quality of materials. Although you have quite a few different options for trying to make the costs worth siding benefits and spend less on your vinyl siding installation, it can be a significant challenge to avoid poor quality materials.

The first way to lower your costs without having to worry about being forced to use poor quality materials is to do all of the work yourself. Not surprisingly, the overall price on a vinyl siding installation contains a mixture of costs that involve materials as well as labor costs. The price of labor for this work can be a large chunk of the cost, so by doing all of the labor work yourself, you'll save money on the overall cost of the installation, allowing you to spend a bit extra on the materials, resulting in higher quality products.

If you can't do all of the work on your own, consider doing even a little bit on your own. For example, if the old vinyl siding must be removed from the home, perhaps you can find a way to do this portion of the process yourself. Or, you also may be able to save a bit of money by finding a friend who can help you with the installation process, and who might be willing to work for a lower overall cost that what an installer whom you don't know might charge you for this type of work. Even saving a little bit on labor can help you afford a better product.

Choosing an Older Style

Another option to help you reduce the cost of the overall project is to seek out materials that may be of a high quality, but that may be on sale for whatever reason. For instance, perhaps the vinyl siding style that you select will be an older style that no longer is being made on a regular basis. The supplier of the vinyl siding may be willing to reduce the price of the materials, just to get them out of the warehouse. So ask to see whether there are any discontinued materials available, as long as they were discontinued because of style and not because they're faulty.

You also need to understand that just because a salesperson says you need the highest quality of material to install on your home, that's not necessarily the case. If you live in an area where there isn't a lot of severe weather and extremely powerful winds, you may be able to go with an average quality of siding material, rather than the highest quality of vinyl siding. Really, the only people who need the thickest types of vinyl siding are those who live in areas of strong winds, so you can save money there.

Finally, if you need to save quite a bit of money on the work, consider asking whether the supplier of the siding might be willing to give you any sort of discount. Perhaps if you purchase materials in bulk, such as by convincing neighbors to also work on their homes at the same time, you could receive a discount and can lower cost without lowering quality. Or, perhaps you can offer to pick up the materials yourself, which will save you some money on delivery costs.

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