Painting Vs. Choosing Vinyl Siding

Painting vs. choosing vinyl siding is a decision you will probably make based on maintenance requirements and cost. Obviously, they both have their own range of benefits, but you need to establish which works best for you. The main factor when it comes to custom vinyl siding color is that it's really not meant to be painted over. There are situations when this can work, but you really have to prepare the surface properly. In order to make sure that your new paint color sticks, you may have to remove every trace of the previous shade. Depending on how the vinyl siding was manufactured, this might be impossible. This is something you will need to talk with the vinyl siding professional about before you even consider starting it as a project.

Necessary Future Repainting of Structures

When it comes to paint, certainly this will need to be done again in the future. However, you can look at the quality of the paint manufacturer to see how long the color should stick around. Of course, for someone who feels like they might want to change the design of the building in a few years, this is definitely less of an investment. Vinyl siding on its own can be very cost effective so don't be overwhelmed by the numbers you're looking at. It is meant to last at least 20 years and sometimes paint cannot do that. This of course will also depend on the local environment and weather temperatures that paint or the vinyl siding is going to be regularly exposed to. Wind, rain, heat and cold all affect how the vinyl siding or the paint holds up over time.

Comparison of Necessary Prep Work

If you are trying to make it easy on a work crew, then painting or vinyl siding is fairly even. Painting requires a lot of prep work, but once you get going, everything should go smoothly. Preparing the building for vinyl siding takes the most time as well, but if you put the vinyl siding on in the correct order, it should be fairly easy. There is a process to each of these and you just have to decide what kind of hands-on work you want to participate in.

This will help after you talk to contractors of course about the different price ranges for either painting the building or installing vinyl siding. They will let you know how much it would be to have their crew come in and take over this job for you. Usually, they have a job schedule in place but can tell you how soon they could fit this in. If it works out, just be sure you are able to pay them for the work at the same time.

As you look at the reasons why people choose painting vs. choosing vinyl siding, you'll see that it depends on the building, the location, their project budget and their personal taste. While it is possible to get just about any texture or color you desire with the vinyl siding, they may prefer to keep the building in its original condition as much as possible. When this is the case, they probably don't want to use vinyl siding because that's going to change what was originally there. Setting up the meeting with one of the local vinyl siding contractors is also a good idea because they can take a look at everything personally. This kind of advice and professional tips will end up being especially helpful when you have so many options to choose from.

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