Types of Vinyl Siding

Types of vinyl siding are available varieties that give us many different options on which way to go with the project. The major brands of vinyl siding all produce multiple styles and types, which means that as buyers we have many choices we could select when it comes time for us to get this project going. There is the old standard double four inch lap panel, with its cousin the Dutch lap; there are scallops and scales and vinyl shake siding; and then there is vertical siding, which has thrown a real monkey wrench into the entire market. All of these different types and others make it easy for you to customize your job and make it all your own. These days, there is never any need for every house in a subdivision to look exactly like all of the others like in years gone by; in fact, there is no excuse for this happening since we have so many types of vinyl siding to work with in planning our projects.

Colors and Vinyl Style Selection

As time passes, more color options become available from the various manufacturers, even in economy and mid grade panels which years ago might have come in white and a few shades of beige if you were lucky. Depending on what types of vinyl siding you are looking at, there could be hundreds of color choices available. Some companies even offer technologies that allow them to color match the panels and trim to any sample you bring in, the same way paint stores can do with their flats and semi glosses. There is no longer any reason not to explore the combination you really wanted all along, because chances are that you can find it, or create it with help from the manufacturer.

Of course, the only issue with custom types of vinyl siding is the lead time; they can sometimes require several weeks or even longer especially if you also need trim or gutter coil to match. So, ordering early is the key, unless you are not in a hurry to beat the calendar or get the job done before winter. In northern climates there are siders who take the winter off, but this has more to do with people's perceptions that the cold weather makes the job impossible to do. The truth is that materials are easier to handle and cut when it is warmer, but with care winter installs can be done.

Choosing Siding Installation Contractors

In certain parts of the country, the availability of companies might go a long way toward determining which ones you use to get the job done. Depending on which types of vinyl siding you select, it could be fairly simple or very hard to do a job in cold weather, but this is a good question to ask of local contractors. Seasonal patterns in weather are an issue that impacts the install in all parts of the country, but the best contractors know how to account for this in the way they handle prepping and installing the materials.

Some types of vinyl siding are harder to install no matter what time of year. Certain materials require more advanced tools and equipment, things that not every vinyl siding contractor has. This is another one of those types of questions that is good to ask early on so that you end up with the right company to handle the project. Different types of material to an extent call for different preparation and install methods, the high end materials generally requiring more work and better equipment. One of the factors that sometimes has to play in your choice of installer is the types of vinyl siding you are considering.

Fortunately, vinyl siding specialists are usually forthright about the things they do and do not work with, and many will actually give a recommendation of another company that does work with these types of materials. The objective for homeowners is to find (ideally) an expert in the field with extensive experience installing all types, and yet a contractor that's affordable at the same time.

Match Siding Contractors with Installations

Overall, the important thing is to end up with a vinyl specialist that features low prices but that has demonstrated experience with the types of vinyl siding you are most interested in. This is most applicable for folks looking at using scallops, vertical panels, and other such materials. The cost of the job is a huge issue for almost all of us, so getting that price down is something worth spending a little time on. Use our free quote form and explore pricing from contractors in your local areas for installs and materials on the types of vinyl siding you would most like to see on your home.

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